Graphic Design, Web Development, and Print Marketing - all very essential to being a successful business. Solidground Designs does all those things. Really well. Not only do you get everything done in one place - but you have a Los Angeles local personal contact and build a relationship for anything else you need. Free Consultation:

My name is Emad Haddad and I am the sole-proprietor known as Solidground Designs. Solidground Designs (SGD) has been an on-going project since I graduated High School in 2006. I started using Photoshop at the age of 13 and grew into other Adobe software through a Graphic Design Academic program in high school. I took several design classes in college but pursued working to establish SGD more aggressively. I have worked a majority of my design career with a small web development group in Pasadena, California where I gained experience in designing, developing and marketing for every need a business would have. In 2012 I took on a 9-5 job in the small-business financial industry where I engaged many businesses and developed a keen understanding of typical needs and operations of a business. In 2014, I relaunched Solidground Designs with a total of 12 years of Photoshop experience and 8 years of satisfied clients from many different industries.

Relationship is the name of the game. I extend a free consultation to better understand you, your business, and your vision before paying a dime. From our conversation I'll make several suggestions that would best fit your vision and budget. It only makes sense to discuss your mission with an experienced designer before starting your project. Right?
Experience is crucial when selecting a designer. Fortunately I had the pleasure of designing for almost every industry of every size from producers and artists to doctors and lawyers whether you're a sole-proprietor or own an enterprise... I think you're done searching so let's talk.
I have resources. I may be a sole-proprietor but I am not alone. When you hire me for your project I bring with me everyone I know to serve you as needed. Whether you need programers, audio engineers, visual designers or even financial advisers - I know a guy. I aim to create a referral network within my clients (with their permission, of course) and you can become part of this network. With Solidground Designs, you win.
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Graphic Design and Print Marketing shouldn't cost you a fortune and I don't plan to take your fortune from you. I just want to feed my wife and son and get a cup of coffee. You should be able to get a 1000 custom designed business printed in full color for only $85. Custom logo designs start at $150 and websites start at $600.
I also offer web maintenance services if you simply don't want to deal with updating your website as well as Wordpress development so you can cut maintenance cost and update your own website.
My general rate is $50/hour but I would much rather understand your full project and bundle your needs into a flat rate. An hourly rate can get expensive very quickly.

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