Who is Solidground Designs?

Solidground Designs is a Los Angeles small business specializing in graphic design, website development and print marketing established in 2006. Our clientele vary from doctors and real estate offices to small businesses, corporations, recording artists and film production studios. We can help you with everything you need from brand identity and logo design to business cards, postcards (design and print), custom website development, SEO and social marketing. In other words - we can serve any size business with any size request.
Emad Haddad is a graphic designer, website developer and can do print marketing in los angeles county and surrounding areas
Emad Haddad is the sole-proprietor known as Solidground Designs. As a freelance designer he worked with a small graphic design and web development group for a majority of my design career in Pasadena, California where he gained experience in designing and marketing for a wide spectrum of clients and business types. In 2012 he took on a 9-5 job in the small-business banking industry where he engaged many businesses and developed a keen understanding of typical needs and operations of a business. In the summer of 2014, he re-launched Solidground Designs with a total of 12 years of Photoshop experience and over 8 years of satisfied clients from every industry. Today he and his team are ready to provide their expertise to meet your needs. (Download Emad Haddad's PDF résumé )

What Makes SGD different?

Relationship is the name of the game. Solidground Designs extends a free consultation to better understand you, your business, and your vision before paying a dime. From our conversation we'll make several suggestions that would best fit your vision and budget. It only makes sense to discuss your mission with an experienced designer before starting your project. Right?

Experience is crucial when selecting a designer. Fortunately we had the pleasure of designing for almost every industry of every size. From small businesses to large corporations whether you're a sole-proprietor or own an enterprise we have a solution for you.

We have resources & networking . When you make Solidground Designs your graphic, print, or website solution - we bring to you all our resources . Whether you need programers, audio engineers, visual designers or even financial advisers - "We know someone that does that". We aim to create a referral network within our clients (with their permission and yours, of course) and you can become part of this network also.

How Much Will This Cost?

Graphic Design and Print Marketing shouldn't cost you a fortune and we don't plan to take your fortune from you. 1000 custome designed business cards will only cost $85, logos start at $125, and websites start at $600. Keep in mind that we deal with each client personally based on need and amount of work. Call us for a free consultation to get your special quote. Also follow us on Facebook for promotional offers.

My general rate is $50/hour but I would much rather understand your full project and bundle your needs into a discounted flat rate. An hourly rate can get expensive very quickly. Let's talk.


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